Incident Report
Fairfield Way / Foxmoor Neighborhood Watch
NOTE: Also please call 911 to report to Police if appropriate.
I think our Block Captains should know about the following incident:
Submissions from this form will be sent to Ben Brzoska, Stan Bond and all Block Captains.
What Happened?
Description of People
(Note as many of the following as possible:
Sex, Race, Age, Height, Weight, Hair color, What are they wearing, What direction were they heading)
Description of Car/Bicycles
(License number; Make & type of vehicle; Color; Special designs or unusual features; Direction of travel)
Specific Items
Or Property Involved
When Did This Incident Take Place?
Time Incident Occurred
Routines/Patterns Observed
(Seems to happen at certain time, seems to involve certain vehicles or house, be specific.)
Where Did This Incident Occur?
Subdivision Name
Location/Physical Setting
Police Report Filed?
Was Police Report Filed?
Why/Why Not?
Observer's Contact Info
Observer of Incident
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OK To Reveal My Name to Block Captains/Police?
Attach Photo Of Incident If Available